Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Why Wayne Campbell is the Coolest (Fictional) Person in the World

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I watched Wayne's World 2 this morning. It was cracking, and it got me thinking - Wayne Campbell is awesome. Like, seriously awesome. Even though in the film he's supposed to be something of a loveable idiot, he's actually got a lot of stuff going for him.
Don't believe me? Here is my list of reasons why Wayne Campbell is the coolest person in the world:

1. He knows who his friends are.
Like, the whole way through both Wayne's World films, he sticks to his best friend Garth like glue. Even when they fall out, they talk it through, and they're always there for each other. It's commendable. Beyond Garth, he's got his loyal camera crew, and his girlfriend Cassandra (who is both a babe and can wail). He even rescues his buddy Phil from overdose time and time again on his nights out with his friends in the Mirthmobile. Watching the gang sitting round eating donuts in Stan Makita's Donuts cafĂ© gives me the same feeling as watching the cast of That 70s Show singing the theme tune. Mmm, friendship and Americana.

2. He doesn't let anything faze him.
Even when people are real dickheads. He just keeps smiling, or makes his excuses, and leaves. In short, he doesn't sweat the small stuff. Excellent.

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3. He's not afraid to be a total geek.
Which other fictional characters will collapse onto their knees in front of Alice Cooper or Steve Tyler and bellow, "We are not worthy!"? Wayne Campbell and Garth Elgar understand that if you love something, you should be allowed to love it openly without fear. He certainly doesn't mind about looking 'cool' - he knows he's awesome anyway.

4. He does his own thing.
He has his own style (I am still looking for the perfect pair of stonewash, high-waisted ripped straight-leg jeans) and he listens to his own music, championing Aerosmith even in the 90s, the decade that, before Nirvana, pretty much only had Take That and Whitney Houston to offer. He doesn't care what other people will think of him; he crashes his girlfriend's wedding, sings Bohemian Rhapsody loudly in his car, has his own TV show and generally does whatever the hell he wants. Excellent.

5. He goes out and gets what he wants.
Wayne and Garth's friendship is funny because they're such opposites, so while Garth sits quietly in the corner watching women, Wayne is not afraid to go out and ask the pretty girl for her number, or ask the executive for a record deal. Wayne Campbell shows us that confidence is key. Hey, if you don't ask, you don't get, right?

6. He doesn't back down.
When Cassandra is about to marry another man; when his ex-girlfriend, Stacy, won't give up; when everything seems lost, he still tries to make a difference to his situation instead of sitting on his arse and complaining. Excellent!

6. The lingo.
"Shwing!" "We're not worthy!" "Shyah!" "...not." "That's what she said," "If she was a president, she'd be Baberaham Lincoln," "Exqueeze me?" "Shyeah, right!" "Denied."
Like, come on. Credit to Wayne (OK, OK, credit to Mike Myers, the genius behind all of this. But srs.)

So party on, Wayne, and party on, Garth. The world needs more people like you.

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